Your Strategic Initiatives

What are your three strategic initiatives for the next six months?

I routinely ask this question to all of my executive coaching clients because this is where we focus attention, insights, and actions, which makes the work we do together pay off big.

One of my favorite clients recently responded, “That feels kind of fluffy.”


This is because he views “strategic initiatives” as a corporate buzzword which doesn’t mean anything to him.

Perhaps a better way of putting this…

What three things must you and your team get done in the next six months or you’ll be pissed off? These are your strategic initiatives.

They must be strategic: contributing to your desired mission and manifesting your vision.

They must measurably contribute to your business system: once the initiative is in place, it continues to generate value.

They must be written: it’s the only way to organize your thoughts and clearly communicate with the team. (Want my planning tool? Email me.)

They must be funded: people, resources, money, management attention.

They must have an accountable and responsible party assigned: someone (you?) makes sure it gets done, and someone (not you) does it.

They must have a deadline: One may be short term (6-8 weeks), one may be medium term (6-12 months) and one may be long term (12 – 36 months).

Once you have your initiatives clear, recruit the team which will make the plan a reality.

Align the initiatives with their personal motivations and career goals, and get out of their way.

Consider inviting me to be part of that success team. I have several executive coaching slots open. I insist that you achieve a 5X ROI on our work together, or we aren’t doing it.

If you’re interested, I’ll send you a one sheet overview and let’s talk about how it works.

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