You Can Get a Meeting with Anyone

You Can Get a Meeting with Anyone

Greetings from Rome where I’ve been facilitating client management training and conducting channel partner training.

In the training sessions, the question came up about how to reach top-level executives, which seems to be much more difficult than it really is. What’s the secret to getting their attention?

Be unique and relevant.

Your initial contact must show them that you are worth paying attention to, for at least a few minutes. And during that next few minutes, you must provide ideas and insights that create real value for them.

How do you get an executive’s attention? Here’s one way.

Stu Heinicke Tell You Fellers

This cartoon and caption was created by my friend, Stu Heinecke, who is a master at getting meetings. His new book, “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone” is the reference on this topic. Released in two weeks, you can get a sneak preview here:

Stu calls this method “Contact Marketing,” creating a contact that you can then expand into a mutually beneficial relationship. Stu and I talked about this on a recent podcast. We talked about getting the attention of important people, disruptive selling, Jay Conrad Levinson, and looking at sales and marketing in new ways. You can listen from this link.

Who would you love to meet?

What would you say to them when you did, that would expand your relationship?

Next week I’m doing research calls with manufacturing VPs based on these techniques.

Until then, be well!

Mark S A Smith

P.S. These aren’t affiliate links, I’m not being paid to promote Stu’s book. And as always, if you want 15 minutes to talk about how to get an executive’s attention and more importantly, what to say to start a relationship, contact me.

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