Create Your Competitive Sales Advantage and Win

Create Your Competitive Sales Advantage and Win

Everyone dealing with customers faces competitors. There are few markets worth pursuing that don’t have strong competition. The difference between a professional and an amateur is how one manages competitive pressures. Read on to discover how to create your personal competitive advantage.

See Your Competition as a Positive Motivator

In sports, the game wouldn’t be much fun if there wasn’t a worthy competitor. In the marketplace, your competition motivates you to be your best, to create more value, to do a better job.

Don’t be tempted to directly attack your competitor. We’re in a small industry; you’ll probably work for, against, and with your competitors some time during your career. No need to burn the bridge. And that said, you get to win against your competition.

When customers ask about your competition, say, “I have great competition. They set the bar and we get to exceed it. My customers choose me because we deliver the outcome they demand at a price that they consider worth it.”

Know Why Your Customers Choose You

Your current customers know best why you win against the competition. So ask them! “Why did you choose me over other options?” Take notes and use these points when talking with prospects.

Better yet, video record their response with your mobile phone and use it as part of your persuasive presentation. “I know you might not be willing, but would you consider letting me record your response that I could share with others who are doubtful about my capabilities?”

Don’t discount the power of this language. It’s designed to get people to agree to your request. A customer testimonial beats anything your marketing department creates in terms of persuasive proof of superiority.

Customers Use Your Competition Against You

Just because your customer brings up your competition doesn’t mean that they are seriously considering choosing them. Customers often use the competitor to get you to do what they want, such as giving you better terms. It’s why customers get three quotes from different vendors.

When your customers say, “I can get it cheaper from another vendor,” what do you do? Lower your price? Don’t do that! You’re needlessly giving away margin.

Instead say, “If prices were all the same, who would you choose?” If they answer, “You, of course,” then say, “So you want my quality, service, delivery record, experience, and guarantees at my competitor’s price. There’s only one way to get all of those things…” And let them finish the sentence, “…at your price.

I’ve got many more ideas than I have space for here, so I’ve recorded an on-line event where I show you how to have your customer talk themselves out of doing business with your competitor along with lots more on this topic. See the video here.

To your success!

Mark S A Smith

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