Video: Make Cold Calling Work for You

Make Cold Calling Work for You

When I poll sales audiences about cold calling, many people use it as their primary way to prospect in their territory. Yet they also say that it’s hard work and they experience low returns. The reason why is because they’re going about it wrong. And in this event you’ll learn how to do it right. Cold calling works, but you have to know who to talk with, what to say, and how to instantly create value for the person you’re talking with. This session is based on Mark S. A. Smith’s book, “Guerrilla TeleSelling” co authored with Jay Conrad Levinson.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why traditional cold calling is broken and how to fix it
  • The true purpose of cold calling and how to make the most of every dial
  • How to get the conversation started
  • Why you never want to ask for the decision maker when cold calling
  • Why you never want to make an offer on your first call
  • How to get transferred to the right person
  • How to start a relationship that leads to deals
  • What questions to ask and what questions to never ask on a cold call (some of these are common)
  • How to get unstuck when you don’t want to make cold calls

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