Video: How to Build and Run Your Customer Acquisition System

Video: How to Build and Run Your Customer Acquisition System

Could you use more of the right customers? What if you could build a customer acquisition machine that brings you all of the customers you want, when you want them? While it’s easy to have a conversation with current customers, talking with new customers isn’t so easy.

In this entertaining and information-packed two-hour event, you’ll learn how to assemble and run your own customer acquisition system. You’ll identify where to find customers, how to build a reliable list, who to target, how to reach them, how to start the conversation, and how to get ahead of the buying cycle.

The most expensive marketing is a dollar spent that doesn’t connect with a customer.

Designed specifically for business owners and sales professionals, you’ll leave with your personal plan and know how to execute it.

What you’ll get from this program:

  • Assessing your current customer acquisition strategy
  • How to identify your best target customers for the biggest profits
  • Expanding the business relationship with current customers
  • Specific activities to consistently build a hot prospect list
  • How to instantly grab the attention of people who can do business with you
  • How to start a relevant conversation and keep it going
  • How to handle initial resistance and common concerns
  • How to build a relationship before there’s a budget or a project, key for Gov/Ed business
  • How to know where your customers are in their buying cycle to be there when they start looking
  • How to create a cadence of customer conversations to predictably grow your business

While this event was delivered to IT professionals, even if you don’t sell IT, I guarantee you’ll learn step-by-step how to find more of the right customers, fast.

You might be thinking, “Mark! I don’t have two hours to watch this!” Do you have two hours to keep doing what you’re doing and NOT find more of the right customers?

The most expensive hour is one where you don’t expand your thinking.

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Click here to download the PDF quick reference guide for this event with all of the presentation notes.

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