Video: CompetitionProof – How to Keep Competitors Out of Your Accounts

Video: CompetitionProof™ – How to Keep Competitors Out of Your Accounts

Right now, someone is plotting to take away your customers from you. You aren’t paranoid; they are out to get you. How can you position yourself so that your competitors don’t have a chance? In this entertaining and enlightening session, you’ll learn the secrets that your customers won’t tell you about your competitors. You’ll discover the attitudes, abilities, and actions that you and your team must use to make your customers refuse to do business with anyone else, regardless of price. You’ll leave this session with an action plan of exactly what to do to create sustainable competitive advantage, multiplying your marketing and sales investment by keeping your customers instead of letting the competitors steal them away.

You’ll learn:

  • Why customers leave and how to make them stay for as long as you want
  • How competitors penetrate your accounts and ways to stop the invasion for good
  • How to approach every competitive situation, you’ll know exactly what to do based on the answers to two questions
  • The six questions that make customers talk themselves out of preferring the competition
  • How to adjust your value propositions to become way more compelling than the competition
  • Secret methods of creating competitive advantage that your competitors will never figure out, most cost little or nothing
  • How to make lower price not be a competitive advantage so that you can charge more and still get all the business you want

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