Three Ways to Find New Customers

Three Ways to Find New Customers

It’s true! Most business problems can be solved by more sales. And more getting sales means you need more customers. That’s my theme for the next few months as I’ve been asked by a long-time client to teach this to business owners in eight cities across the US. Today, I’m in Phoenix delivering this event. Read on to learn about what I have in mind.

While there are many ways to find new customers, these three are the fastest and most cost effective way. They won’t burn out good people, like cold calling will, and they won’t damage your brand like more aggressive forms of marketing can. Include these three ways to find new customers in your business plan. I suggest using this sequence.

1) Expand current account relationships

The easiest customers to find are in your existing accounts. Remember, your competitors best prospects are your best customers. Expand your relationships with four tactics.

  • Celebrate: When your customer has success with your offering, throw a party. You’ll meet new people who will already be impressed.
  • Elevate: Talk to people higher up in the organization. Share with them how their team, with your help, have improved the situation. Ask them what else you can do.
  • Educate: The most dangerous thing to your competitor is a customer who’s educated. Teach customers how to buy your offerings and they’ll buy more.
  • Innovate: Talk with your customers about problems they have, which always leads to opportunities to create something just for them.

2) Create a Specific Target Customer List

This takes a bit more work. Figure out who you want to sell to and then create an individualized campaign to grab their attention and start a relevant conversation using contact marketing. I talked about this recently, specifically about Stu Heinecke’s new book, “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone.” I highly recommend studying this definitive book on contact marketing.

3) Deploy a Customer Acquisition System

This becomes your automatic customer machine. It uses cost-effective on-line marketing (such as using Facebook and LinkedIn) and persuasive education strategies (like webinars) to allow shoppers to learn about what you do and prefer you, contacting you when they’re ready to buy. I’ll share more on how to do this soon. If you can’t wait, contact me and we’ll talk.

Marketing Your Business on Facebook

I met Lasse Rouhiainen on Facebook and took his eye-opening course on using Facebook to market to businesses. If you don’t think your customers are on Facebook, think again. There are more that one billion daily users and 1.7 billion monthly users. Get this, 800 million people use Facebook Messenger daily. I’ve had business inquiries come through Messenger. Don’t discount Facebook, it’s an amazing source of customers for almost every business.

Lasse just released his new book, “101 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses” on Kindle. You don’t need to have a Kindle to read it. It’s way more than just tips, there is a solid business plan here for you to use to find customers.

Get a copy at no charge until Saturday, February 12. After that, it’s still worth paying for. Here’s the link to Amazon…

Until next week!

Mark S. A. Smith

P.S. These are not affiliate links. I’m not being compensated for sharing these books. And as always, if you’d like 15 minutes to talk about how to build your customer acquisition system, contact me and we’ll set up time to meet.

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