The Sales Disruption Package: When Profitability is Your Priority and Sales Aren’t Meeting Your Expectations

The Sales Disruption Package: When Profitability is Your Priority and Sales Aren’t Meeting Your Expectations

I’ve had many of my article readers ask for more detail on what I do. Here’s the answer. I must caution you, this is a sales pitch, and you’re going to gain new insights as you read this and become a better sales executive.

The Sales Disruption Package is a unified sales system that consistently closes big deals fast by disrupting the status quo. It identifies and organizes the critical success elements so that your salespeople are motivated to make call after call and close deal after deal and they’re happy to do so. There are no wasted motions and deal-killing missteps are all but eliminated.

If you’ve ever said any of these things, the Sales Disruption Package could be for you.

  • “I need to speed my sales process. It’s taking too long and is too expensive. I need to get deals done faster!”
  • “My sales team is highly inconsistent. Some guys really rock it, and others really suck. How can I get them all to perform consistently, like my top guys?”
  • “The competitors are getting fierce. They just are running all over us. I’ve got to get much better at winning competitive battles and keeping more margin.”

In the 30 years that we’ve worked with sales teams, we’ve learned that most sales organizations have a patchwork of sales methods, sales messages, sales culture, and sales management. That’s the problem; it’ s not a well-oiled machine. If it was, then there wouldn’t be the wide performance variation in sales people and territories.

The Sales Disruption Package brings together a targeted message, method, management, and metrics to take sales to a new level of success and sustainability. You’ll need to do things differently, because they’re not working now. That’s sales disruption.


It starts with a potent sales message based on our PrioritySelling™ technology that conveys clear value to prospects. It disrupts their thinking inertia to make them consider a different option. It identifies the priorities, temperament, and motivations of each member of your prospect’s decision-making team, making your discussion relevant, compelling, and memorable. The power of this approach is that it tracks and addresses changing priorities and concerns as prospects go through their buying process, keeping the deal on rails.

It’s powered by our ObjectionBypass™ technology that literally makes objections disappear so that salespeople focus on closing deals instead of handling objections that bog down or kill sales.

We create a sustainable sales culture with a customized sales training system to instill the team with your desired sales behaviors. They learn how to protect margins instead of cutting prices. They know how to manage their territory for maximum revenue and profit instead of whining for leads. Using advanced, interactive adult learning techniques, your team remembers what to do, when to do it, and likes doing it.


We work with your sales management team to develop and implement a best-practices sales management system that fits your company’s culture and workflows. We focus on aligning top management priorities with sales management and compensation to ensure that the sales team takes the company in the right direction. You’ll discover and implement innovative compensation strategies that get the behavior you want, such as new customer acquisition, recurring revenue models versus transactional revenue models, customer retention, competitive steals, and retaining more margin.

We’ll show your sales management how to keep the team motivated, excited, and willing to do what it takes to get their job done. You’ll know how to handle the most common sales management issues, including frequent demands for lower price, poor territories, unmotivated sales people, and sales slumps.


You should expect to achieve at least a 10X return on your investment within a year and enjoy permanent improvements in sales performance. Many of our clients have seen much higher ROI. Some make back the investment on one big deal because of increased margins.


The Sales Disruption Package comes with a guarantee. You must be satisfied with the solid content and professional delivery of our work, or you don’t pay. Guaranteed. While we can’t guarantee your specific results, we guarantee what we have control over.

Let’s Talk

If the Sales Disruption Package seems like the solution you’ve been looking for, let’s discuss what you’re doing and how we can rapidly benefit your organization. Find a mutually agreeable time at or contact me. You’ll take away at least one major sales insight from our conversation.

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