The Disruptive Future of Your Business

The Disruptive Future of Your Business

The disruptive future is coming faster than you can imagine and many businesses won’t survive the changes.

Face it, in the world of technology, your knowledge has a lifespan of about 18 months. And that’s shrinking fast.

Even if you don’t run your own business, to stay ahead of the game, you’ve got to learn and unlearn faster and you’ve got to chose a path that takes you where you want to go.

How do you keep your edge?

What Business Looks Like in the Near Future

I delivered a keynote speech at the Executive Strategy Skills Summit two weeks ago, today. I’m making the video available to you because the message is so important to my tribe.

You’ll learn:

The three big technologies that are now beginning to disrupt the business world
Why you shouldn’t buy a new car five years from now
The secret that all rapidly growing companies are using to disrupt their competition forever
What you must consider this year to keep your business growing and prospering

Watch it now. Just click the link and start it playing so that you can listen to it like a podcast.

If you’re a P&L responsible executive and want to upgrade your business acumen to create a scalable, sustainable, profitable, and salable business, consider attending the next Executive Strategy Summit. Get details at

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