Speeding Innovation and Value Creation for Competitive Advantage

Value creation shows up as increased profits, clear competitive advantage, and loyal customers.

Value is one of the four pillars of executive focus: Vision, Value, Velocity, and Valor.

Need to speed up value creation? Read on…

Today, I conducted a two-hour class for one of my favorite clients around a system that rapidly creates value.

The two concepts that set up the power of the event:

“Scientific discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen but thinking what no one else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel prize-winning chemist


“Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.” – Peter F. Drucker

Here’s what this means; hanging on my office wall is a picture of Thomas Edison holding a light bulb.

A life-long hero of mine, he reminds me that innovation comes from mindset: how you view success and failure.

Edison’s successful light bulb came from more than 3,000 failed experiments.

Key principles for innovating value:

Failure is neither punished or aggrandized, it’s the path to success.

Success is not aggrandized, it’s the expected outcome.

The process is the tool, value is the outcome.

How can you create a culture that’s willing to more rapidly fail forward to more success?

Want the rapid value creation training for you or your team? Let’s talk.

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