Sell Way More With a Playbook

Sell Way More With a Playbook

Every sports team has a playbook. It shows the team how to make the plays that lead to a win.

The best way to sell more is give your sales channels and sales team a playbook.

Do you have a playbook for your sales team?

If not, why not?

Do you think they can figure it out on their own? That’s going to cost you and leave a mark.

Here’s what’s in a sales playbook:

  • Who to talk with
  • Why they’ll want to buy
  • How to find them
  • What to leave in the voice mail message
  • What to say in the email
  • How start the conversation and get the first meeting
  • Smart questions that lead to the next logical step and generate motivation
  • How to present so you’re completely aligned with their motivations
  • Managing objections, both proactively and reactively
  • Minimizing pricing pressure, maximizing profit
  • The customer purchase process that leads to a yes
  • How to make more money once they say yes

Go write your playbook.


If you can’t do this or don’t have time, let’s have a conversation. I’ve built more than 100 playbooks and can point you to at least one publicly available example.

I can probably build one for you for less than the price of a single deal, and if I can’t, you’ll learn something from my sales process.

Let’s talk.

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