Prove You Can Do it and Customers Buy

Perceived risk stops your sales, cold.

When your prospect wants to buy from you, but they don’t, it’s often because they or their boss considers you to be too risky compared with other options or even doing nothing.

There are three ways you can reduced perceived risk:

1) Proof

2) Guarantees

3) Reveal the Process

Let’s talk about Proof… It’s not just any proof, but proof that permanently reduces their perception of risk. Your proof needs to deliver six elements:

1) Credible: They must consider your proof source to be reliable and trustworthy.

2) Relevant: The proof points relate directly to their situation.

3) Identity aligned: Your proof source maps to the identity of your buyer. They can’t trust a proof source that they can’t identify with or find repugnant.

4) Contextual: The proof has to fit into the context of your solution and the problem you’re solving for this customer.

5) Preponderance: There must be more than enough proof to make the case.

6) Transferrable: Their boss or other approvers must find the proof credible, relevant, identity aligned, contextual, and sufficient.

How many of these six elements do your proof points cover?


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