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Marketing for Investors: How to Be a Promoter of a Sold Out Fund

Mark S A Smith leads executive leadership training

Mark S A Smith leads executive leadership training

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Las Vegas: Venue revealed after registration

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Now that you’ve decided, as a fund promoter, to launch a new fund, you need to find investors, now. Where do you start? What are the best practices? How can you stay out of trouble with compliance? How can you create a marketing machine that consistently connects you with investors who are ready to write you a check?

In this hands-on, intensive, interactive, enlightening, and entertaining day, you’ll have a whole new view on how to market for investors. You’ll walk away with your plan, including critical parts already executed, so that you can begin to find new investors as soon as you get back home.

Includes on-line video pre-work to get you ready for the event so that you can complete your marketing plan during the event. This event is for qualified fund promoters, only. You must apply to be admitted and to be eligible, you must attend Joel Block’s Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium in Las Vegas, NV from October 21 to 24, 2018 (or be an alumnus of Joel Block’s program).

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why selling funds is radically different from other marketing strategies and why most fail at investor marketing (including the big players)
  • How to get a marketing advantage over other investment offerings, do this and you’ll win 80% of the time
  • Critical: How to stay compliant with 506(b) and/or 506(c). Get this wrong and you could be banned from fundraising for years
  • How to use the Citizen VC rules to your advantage to create investor leads
  • How to create the investor “customer journey” to close to a check as fast as humanly possible
  • Why you must use a multi-pronged approach for maximum impact
  • How to become a marketing maven even if you’ve had limited marketing experience
  • How to decide how much to invest in marketing and measuring your success
  • Build your investor marketing machine: set it up, turn the crank, watch investors come out of the woodwork
  • How to craft your message to get only the right people to respond
  • How to become relevant, credible, and a person of interest to your top investors
  • How to connect with investors without spamming them
  • How to successfully use social media to find investors: Facebook (yes Facebook), Twitter, and LinkedIn (your secret power tool)
  • A little known secret way to put your offering in front of hundreds of investors
  • How to exploit the 80/20 rule of investor marketing
  • Creating your consistent cadence to capture investors’ attention
  • How to sell the conversation
  • How to have the sales conversation for maximum impact (selling beyond the investment)
  • Targeting investor influencers (CPAs and Attorneys) and how the messaging must change with them
  • What you must do, what you must outsource, how to manage it all without killing yourself
  • Tools, tips, and techniques to put your marketing on autopilot
  • Your complete investor marketing plan, with parts already executed in the event and
  • And more

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Your Event Leader, Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith

Executive Strategy Skills™, Customer Acquisition, Communication & Persuasion

When you need pragmatic strategies and tactics to rapidly grow your business, create or survive disruption, and be in position to get the business that looks impossible, engage with Mark S A Smith. He brings new understanding and insights to your team about how customers think about making decisions, and how to rapidly align with their motivations to gain agreement and achieve new outcomes.

Mark believes that success in teamwork, marketing, and sales comes from intentional, smart change management.

Working in the world of marketing since 1982, Mark uses systems thinking to help organizations successfully bring new, disruptive technology to market, learning the secret to conducting conversations with customers who don’t think they want or need what’s being sold. In every case, he’s been up against aggressive competition and identified ways to routinely win the business, even in tough markets.

Mark works with executives and their teams to develop strategy and elegant go-to-market models that are easy to execute, measure, and manage, and create clear competitive advantage. He’s worked in 54 countries and six continents.

Heading his own consulting company since 1990, he’s researched & developed models and methods to predictably conduct successful executive-level meetings when multiple people must come to a conclusion to make important decisions, critical for fund promoters as the investor, CPA, and attorney must all agree. The result: his clients sell complex, expensive products and services as fast as humanly possible.

Mark’s authored many books, business case assessment tools, sales playbooks, go-to-market strategy guides, sales launch plans, business plan tools, video-based training systems, corporate webinars, and hundreds of articles and blogs. Books include Pivot to Profit from IT Disruption, Security in the Boardroom, Linux in the Boardroom, Guerrilla Negotiating, Guerrilla TeleSelling, & Guerrilla Trade Show Selling. Forthcoming: Selling Disruption & Executive Strategy Skills.

Mark is an electrical engineer, media technologist, computer programmer, hardware salesman, software marketer, business owner, executive coach, author, professional speaker, video producer, podcaster (The Selling Disruption™ Show), blogger, musician, and father of five Millennial children who do not live at home.

Clients include Arrow Electronics, Agilysis, BEA, Broadcom, CDW, ConnectWise, Commvault, Dell, ePlus, Forrester Research, HP, Hitachi Data Systems, Microsoft, IBM, IPED Consulting, Internal Consulting Group, Ingram Micro, Insight, Tech Data, Oracle, Raytheon, Riverbed, Ruckus, NetApp, Sanmina, Synnex, Lexmark, Viavi Solutions, Society of Government Meeting Planners, National Speakers Association, and Meeting Professionals International.

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