Video: Maximizing Trade Show Sales Success — More Leads, New Customers, Competitive Position

Maximizing Trade Show Sales Success: More Leads, New Customers, Competitive Position

If you’re going to exhibit at trade show, you and your company will make a major commitment of money and time. You better get it right! You’ll probably be there along with your competitors. If you blow it, your competitors will come out on top. Then again, if your competitors are like most trade show exhibitors, they’re doing many things wrong. After this event, you are going to capitalize on their mistakes.

You’ll learn:

  • 15 ways to make your trade show investment pay big. How many of these are you taking advantage of?
  • How to prepare for the show so that you capture more business, impress new prospects, and get more than your fair share of high quality leads
  • What you can do to feel great and energetic even after a long show
  • How to have your booth flooded with people who want to buy from you
  • The secrets to spending time with the right people and quickly moving along the tire-kickers
  • The one critical question to ask your trade show exhibit visitors that most have never thought of
  • What you must do immediately after the show ends or all of your hard work goes to waste

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