Leadership Instinct… Do You Have It?

Leader’s instinct… do you have it?

Several months ago, an executive coaching client asked me, “How can I get my instinct to trust me? And how can I learn to trust my instinct?”

A light bulb popped on… that’s exactly what effective business leaders possess… leadership instinct. 

They don’t have to stop and think about a decision because the decision strategy is hardwired into their instinct.

That lead me to document the principles of leadership instinct: the underlying foundation to successful leadership decisions and direction.

See, some leaders have the instinct because of how they were raised or the experience they’ve earned.

Most leaders have learned it the hard way and still are.

And successful leaders get help to install new leadership instinct to overwrite followership instinct (what you get taught in school). That’s what my executive coaching clients do.

One key principle: leaders rarely reveal their entire vision because it overwhelms their followers. 

You can be too transparent.

No, I don’t mean you must lie or be dishonest. That won’t work in the long haul.

Instead, you have to share the vision at a level that your team can grasp and embrace.

If you overshare, your team becomes discouraged at what they think is an impossible dream and will give up. 

This is BAD leadership instinct.

What’s GOOD leadership instinct?

Only assigning tasks to people who are able, willing, and ready... or know how, want to, can do. 

If a team member doesn’t have all all three characteristics, they’ll fail.

And the leader fails along with them.

Seems simple, yet I see this problem over and over again… especially with tasks the leader assigns themself.

Want to measure your leadership instinct?

Start by take this leadership assessment to identify where you need an instinct upgrade. Click to download, take 10 minutes to consider your skills.

And let’s have a conversation about how I can help you install upgraded leadership instinct.

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