Jokers Can Kill Deals

Jokers Can Kill Deals

My high-school class voted me “wittiest” in the senior superlatives. That’s a label that I’ve tried to live up to my whole life, to my detriment.

It meant that I joked around when I should have been serious. I went for the laugh instead of the trust. Big mistake.

I’ve blown key executive relationships because I was cutting up instead of customer focused. They just quit returning my phone calls.

It’s not just a matter of being politically incorrect, insensitive, or telling -ism jokes. Where was I putting the spotlight — on me, or on them?

Don’t get me wrong, humor is important and shows cognitive ability. It’s best used judiciously.

Here’s the real issue:

When you sell complex, high-consideration products, you’re selling up the executive chain of command by two to three levels, sometimes more.

An executive will never engage with someone who they believe will embarrass them or be risky. It’s not worth their career. Cutting up made me risky.

Does your sales team have the skills, insights, vocabulary, and image to be invited to converse at those levels?

If not, you’re losing sales to a more well regarded competitor, regardless of your product quality.

Do your team have the demeanor of a real sales professional, one who can sell high in an organization?


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