How to stop the struggle… it is real!

Most people I know really struggle to get the results that they want.

They keep trying and trying and trying. All that happens is that they manage to get by, not crashing and burning, but never reaching the altitude that they KNOW that they can achieve.

Recognize this?

Boy, have I been there, on and off for most of my life!

You have two options:

1) Settle for the struggle and try to work a little harder.

2) Stop and work on your thought process.

To be completely honest with you, I’ve been through this cycle way too often. I’ll work on my thought process, get clarity, and then proceed until I start to struggle. Then I work harder, longer hours, more “grunt” until I stop and work on the thought process. Then I get blissfully busy until I start the struggle again. It’s been an endless loop.

There is another option

1) Develop your thought process as part of your daily work.

It wasn’t until I saw working on my thought processes as part of my daily work that the struggle cycle stopped.

What does this look like?

For me, it’s about first connecting with my inner Spirit, giving gratitude, asking for guidance, and getting quiet to let the answer appear.

It’s avoiding any “idea noise” from social media, news channels, and email until I’m clear about how to adjust my thinking for the day. Face it, these sources all want something from you, and it’s probably not what you want to give them.

Out of that investment in my peace of mind comes the inspiration to create new value, consider new options, and experience clarity. The struggle just stops.

Often the inspiration is to read a book chapter, article, or have a conversation with one whose thought processes are well developed.

“An executive has more on their to-think list than on their to-do list.”

And as an executive strategy coach, I often do the same thing for my clients. [My expertise is in developing business acumen and installing leadership principles, all leading to more rapid business growth.]

Just putting more effort into the struggle will just burn you out and tarnish your value.

Stop the struggle!

If you believe that I can help you find clarity, identify what’s most important right now, and provide informed decision support, let’s talk.

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