How to Introduce Yourself So People Want to Talk with You

When you introduce yourself, what do you say that triggers conversations with the right people?

Here’s one of the best introductions I’ve experienced from friend and coaching client, Bruce B Wuollet who runs a real estate development company.

His formula:

1. I’m Bruce Wuollet, and yes, I’m a SOB, Son of a Baker (interesting fact)

2. In the business of… “togetherment” not apartment (twist on the usual what I do)

3. Mission – Safe, functional, durable, clean (simple, provocative)

4. Passion – Serve the underserved (the big WHY)

5. Focus – People who will never own their own home (the big WHO)

6. Desire – Find like minded individuals who want to take the journey with us (The investor offer)

7. Promise – Leave everything better than how we found it (The second big WHY)

What’s your “elevator pitch?”

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