How to Communicate Value So Customers Get It

How can you communicate your value so that customers get it?

Remember, value is one of the four pillars of executive focus: Vision, Value, Velocity, and Valor.

I’m working with an multinational client on engineering a communication strategy for a major new product introduction. (Yes, when it’s introduced, I’ll clue you in…)

Most companies get this wrong.


They focus on the product instead of the desirably different results the product delivers.

To do this right, you’ve got to understand how buyer’s instinctively consider a purchase.

Here’s how it works:

50% of your success comes from your buyer’s motivation. Do they want or need what you’re selling right now?

No matter how good or cheap you are, if they don’t want it, they won’t even accept it at no charge. 

If they don’t want it now, they’ll wait. No deadline, no deal.

40% of your success comes from the relationship you have with your buyer. Do they trust you to deliver and have their back when something goes wrong?

No matter how much they want or need what you’ve got, if they don’t trust you, there’s no deal.

10% of your success comes from your product.

Surprised that product is that low in the decision impact? You shouldn’t be. You have competition and there are lots of ways to accomplish an outcome. 

While you think you’re the best, that’s obviously just an opinion shared with your customers, but not by your competitor’s customers.

Yet, where do most companies focus their communication focus?

Right! Touting that they’re the best product.

Here’s how to do it right…

1. Understand your buyer’s motivation: their objectives, priorities, and criteria.

2. Build trust through focus on they want.

3. Communicate your offering in the context of their motivation.

4. Watch business magic happen.

Need help with this process? Let’s talk.

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