How I Got 3,000 Article Views in Three Days on Linkedin

How I Got 3,000 Article Views in Three Days on Linkedin

How can you go from fewer than 100 article views to over 3,000? I’ll show you. I’ve been posting articles about sales and marketing strategies and tactics on LinkedIn for the past year and typically get a few hundred views. This week, an article I posted got more than 3,000 views in three days.

Below is a quick and dirty video that shows what I did, why I did it, and how this happened, using LinkedIn and Twitter. And you’ll learn the impact of this on reaching out to find new prospects and to connect with more people who you can help.

Click here for a list of LinkedIn channels. Scroll down to the third heading to see what gets featured. There are channels with many more views than the one that I was featured in. Use appropriate channel names as your tags when posting.

Thanks to the tips @LinkedInPulse editorial team for choosing to feature that article.

If you’d like to learn how I use Twitter to boost my LinkedIn articles, let me know in the comments, and with enough interest, I’ll create a video on that topic.

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