How Does Your Business Grow

How does your business grow? Is it growing as fast and as easily as you wish?

If not, read on

Velocity is one of the four elements of leadership focus — Vision, Value, Velocity, Valor.

Your company can only go as fast as you can grow.

“Leaders build a business at the level of their self development limitations, despite their highest intentions.” – Dr. David Gruder

If you want your business to grow every day, then you must grow every day.

If you want your business to grow rapidly, then you must grow rapidly.

If your business is stuck, then you must get unstuck.

Every business leader (including yours truly) must continuously expand their mindset, skillset, and toolset.

It’s not a job for sissies.

While many executives wholeheartedly support educating themselves and their team on so called “hard skills,” such as understanding the latest technology, how to optimize a website, email skills, etc.

These same execs may poo-poo “soft skills” training, such as negotiating skills, communication skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence skills, etc.

Hard skills and soft skills are misnomers that deserves to be reframed.

What’s labeled “hard skills” have an expiration date; they become obsolete, so better label them Today Skills.

What’s labeled “soft skills” grow more valuable over time, so better be called Durable Skills.

How well do you balance your Today skills development with Durable skills development?

Lack of balance is a leading indicator of impending business decline. Gotta have both.

Best way to identify where you need to work on your growing edgetake this self assessment on leadership skills and business acumen and get back to me.

Let’s get you growing!

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