Wellness Practitioners

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Wellness Practitioners

We provide effective marketing services that connect with your best prospects and nurture them to become your loyal patients, growing your practice the way that you want it to grow.

Ask any marketing professional, and they’ll tell you that the secret to successful marketing is consistency, cadence, and relevance. Most practitioners tell us it’s a challenge to do these three things and still run their practice.

That’s where we help! We use unique processes and techniques for high-impact, low-cost marketing including the latest multi-channel marketing technologies, such as social media engagement, marketing automation, and reputation management to connect and nurture prospective patients into a relationship with you.

What makes Bija different from other marketing organizations is that we help you define and live up to your unique brand. Your brand is the experience patients have in every contact with you and your team. Our business coaches work with you to bring your business vision into reality. With included on-going business coaching, you’ll work on new skills critical to your short-term and long-term success.

“As an experienced yoga teacher/waitress with a BA in drama, I was WAY out of my depth when I opened my yoga studio. Who knew all the components that go into running a successful business and being an entrepreneur? Not me. Enter, the Bija team. The Bija team has helped me with all aspects of my business from web tune ups and product development to marketing training for me and my team and even video production. What’s even more is they are just as personable and patient as they are knowledgeable and action oriented. It’s a business-saving combination to say the least!”

Becca Roodhuyzen

Common Wellness Professional Questions

We can help you answer these questions and create action plans to reach your goals, both personal and professional.

  • How do I launch a wellness practice?
  • How do I grow my wellness practice?
  • How can I make a living delivering wellness services?
  • How can I best marketing my practice?
  • How do I become a recognized expert?
  • How do I relocate my wellness practice?
  • How can I create a profitable cash practice?
  • How can I sell my practice?

How We Can Help You

We offer various levels of marketing and business development services, designed to meet you where you are today. We use custom content for all of your marketing activities that we develop just for you. Choose from:

Self-Paced Learning that allows you to pick and choose the topics you want so that you can do it yourself.

Coaching that lets us personally guide you on your business journey.

Bija PracticeBuilder delivers business development strategies and tactics.

Bija PracticeStar helps you become a recognized expert and celebrity. If you want to speak, publish, professionally consult, and gain celebrity in your area of expertise, we’ll coach you through the whole process.

PracticeAccelerator™ provides additional services to help you achieve your advanced goals.

Contact us to discuss how this could work for your practice.