Technology Case Studies

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Measurable results, proof of performance, and ROI
  • Happy audiences: always the top-rated program because we deliver “do how” vs. “know how”
  • No charge for custom content development: “nothing canned”
  • Quick turn-around production processes that get programs to market fast
  • Multiple delivery methods based on target audience: provides a clear action plan
  • Access to a loyal partner community of more than 25,000 partners WW
  • Easy to work with: full-service event management staff
  • Flexible billing options: will “tin cup” for funding
  • Our work is guaranteed

If you’re not sure what needs to be done — we will show you.
If you know what needs to be done – we’ll do it for you.

New Technology Launch – Client I

Problem: How to rapidly introduce new technology and build thriving practices in the SMB market.
Program: Create a library of PracticeBuilder™ printed guides that detail how to build a business based on emerging technologies:
Unified Communications, Security, Network Storage, Digital Signage, Business Continuity, Content Management, Mobile Worker, Peripherals, Supplies, & Accessories, Virtualization.
Result: Client offering meaningful content to their partners for emerging technologies. Just completed our sixth year of additions and updates.

New Product Launch – Client H

Problem: How to launch a new server technology to the world-wide SMB channel.
Program: Live training event introducing the technology and how to sell it to non-IT executives, with worldwide audience acquisition and logistics support.
Result: From market laggard to market dominance in one quarter with aggressive market share shift after three years. Program now on-demand video for new partners.

Explain Product & Program Updates – Client M

Problem: How to consistently explain updated program value props to LARs, VADs, and VARs, each with a different motivation and value proposition.
Program: Create a series of engaging on-demand video training sessions that are tuned to the messaging and value proposition of the target audience.
Result: Partners have upgraded business skills and a clear action plan to become a trusted advisor.

Tech Data Security Playbooks

Problem: How to get business partners up to speed on selling security solutions in addition to their other technology offerings.
Program: Create a business playbook to provide a source of information on the key areas of security and provide an outline to sales of the who to talk with, what to say, and when to ask customers for their business.
Result: Partners have upgraded business skills and a clear action plan to become a trusted advisor.