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Bija instructors are experts in the field of channel technology. Led by Mark S.A. Smith, our team of instructors delivers the tactics, strategies, and actionable ideas you, your staff, and your partners need to succeed and excel in a highly competitive market.

Our instructors and staff supply the knowledge you need to meet and exceed your business goals throughout the technology channel. We offer multiple programs through innovative, informative, and entertaining delivery methods in the following categories:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Center Automation
  • New Computing Models
  • Cloud Computing
  • SaaS / IaaS
  • IT Management
  • Collaboration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Management
  • Digital Signage
  • The New Data Center
  • Document Management
  • Mobility
  • Storage
  • Social Marketing
  • Networking
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Health IT
  • Security
  • Linux
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Virtualization
  • Business Applications
  • Unified Communication

We also provide the business skills and tools that enable sales associates and partners to develop and emerge as experts in the high-growth, high-margin IT market segment. We deliver immediately actionable ideas and plans that will help them increase sales and revenues in their territories. Your staff and partners will learn how to prospect for business and make a quick and compelling presentation designed to make you and your company more money through:

Recent Popular Speeches

How to Sell Your Customer Everything I.T.: Taking All the Business

Most partners’ businesses have a technology focus such as networking, servers, or storage, which means they leave lots of money on the table. In this session, you’ll discover how to sell your customers everything I.T.: data center, voice, mobility, cloud, and so on. You’ll learn an easy way to start the conversation and drill down to what your customers really need and are willing to fund. You’ll leave with an action plan to grow your business with your existing customers and capture more business from new customers.

Selling Big Data Deployments: Becoming the C-Level Trusted Advisor

Virtually all big data deployments are bought outside of the I.T. department. If you want to cash in on big data, you’ve got to take a different approach to selling. In this entertaining and educational session you’ll find out what it takes to build and deploy a big data solution, how to start the big data discussion, know who to talk with, what to say, and learn how to make a compelling big data discussion that wins big deals without angering your I.T. contacts. You’ll get a step-by-step plan for selling and deploying big data projects that you can use to dominate your market.

Create Your Competitive Edge with Mobility

With mobile devices taking over the end user compute environment, you need to be squarely in the middle of this trend. In this session, learn about how you can use mobility to expand your footprint in your customers’ data center and business. You’ll know who to talk with, what to say, and how to manage common objections when selling mobility. You’ll also get some materials you can use to have an initial discussion with customer executives, positioning you as the thought leader. Discover the unique tools that make it easy for you to sell and profit from mobility deployments.

Trends in the Modern Data Center: What Your Customers Need to Know to Buy

I.T. technologies move fast, faster than most companies can track. In the past, there wasn’t much difference between one generation of computers and the next. Now, there are major transformations between releases. Increasing the complexity, user demands now drive much of this change. So, when planning I.T. deployments, customers must predict what users will want and know where technology is heading or, they’ll get left behind. This session looks at the accelerating trends in user expectations and radical technology changes in the modern data center. Come hear what savvy Chief Technology Officers consider when planning for their future — short term and long term — and how Tech Data makes it possible.

Selling Big Ticket Deals in Today’s Economy

Approval thresholds have been coming down over the past several years, making it harder for your IT executive to agree to big deals without going to the C-suite for approval. In this session, you’ll learn about how to close big-ticket deals in your accounts by working with executives in a way that gets them to say “yes,” fast. You’ll understand the process of how to approach executives, research their hot buttons, ask powerful questions, and put together a compelling executive presentation that gets big deals done.

Tuning your Services Organization for Maximize Efficiency and Success

Your services department should be the most profitable part of your business. If it’s not where you want it to be, attend this session. Discover how to assess your efficiency and tune the operation to maximize your success. You’ll find out about services strategies that create high value for you and your customers and ways to use services to tightly connect you with customers. You’ll leave with an assessment strategy to maximize your services efficiency.

Top Performers:  How to Recruit and Grow Talent Within Your Company

As the economy recovers, you’ll need to add more staff. But not just any staff. You want performers who will do the job right and add value to your organization. In this session, you’ll learn how you can quickly and painlessly find the right people who are motivated to do the right job. You’ll find out about innovative ways to interview them and determine if they have the characteristics you need. And you’ll discover how to grow the talent in your company, creating a competitive advantage. You leave with a specific action plan for hiring and developing your next round of team members.

Close Your Sales Pipeline: How to Accelerate the Deal

How accurate is your sales forecast? Do you have deals stuck in the pipeline? Would you like to speed up or shake loose some of those deals? Most sales professionals don’t know how to bust a deal loose without making their customers upset or giving away margin. It’s easier than you think and you can do it fast. In this fast-paced and interactive session, you’ll learn how to nudge deals along the sales pipeline and discover ways to keep the deals flowing. You’ll learn what questions to ask and what tools to use to turn stuck deals into orders. In this session, you’ll also learn how to more accurately forecast sales and determine how to precisely predict your revenues. You’ll discover specific strategies and tactics to speed the sales cycle. You’ll leave with a specific action plan to get your deals flowing.

Business Leadership in this Economy 

Times are changing. The big IT budgets seem to be gone. Younger workers seem to have a different work ethic. Easy deals aren’t plentiful. In this session, you’ll find out about some strategies that you can use to manage these and other issues. You’ll learn about the management and leadership approaches that other successful businesses use to enjoy a profitable today and a bright tomorrow.

Desktop Virtualization: What You Need to Succeed

Desktop virtualization is becoming the hottest trend in IT deployment. While it’s been predicted to grow for the past five years, it’s gaining real traction for a number of reasons. In this session, you’ll learn how to successfully sell Desktop Virtualization: who to talk with, what to say, the value propositions, common objections, the technical requirements, and the team you need to succeed.

13 Ways to Increase Profits: Making This Your Best Year Ever

As an executive, you’re always looking for ideas, old and new, that you can use to tune your company, increasing efficiency and profitability. In this fast-paced, entertaining, and thought provoking session, you’ll get powerful and practical ideas you can use to grow your sales, increase customer loyalty, increase your operational efficiency, make more profits, and keep more margin. You’ll get smart questions to ask your team, ideas you can build on, and valuable insights on where to focus in the year ahead.

The Business of Security: Building Your Security Practice

In this session, you’ll learn about adding or expanding a security practice. Discover the value propositions to offer your customers. Learn the fastest way to sell security that becomes compelling to your customers. You’ll know who to talk with, what to say, smart questions to ask, and how to bust any objections that arise along the way. Get ready for an enlightening and entertaining session that you can use to make money right away.

Finding and Closing New Customers: How to Turn Leads into Sales

If you’re not satisfied with the sales you have today or want to expand into new markets, you need to find new customers. In this session you review proven processes for finding leads, nurturing contacts, and converting them to customers. Includes ideas for using social marketing to grow your sales.

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