Facilitated Executive Strategy Session

Facilitated Executive Strategy Session

If you’re like many executives in these fast and changing times, you’re having challenges clarifying your corporate strategy and getting your executive team all heading the same direction. It’s not that your ideas aren’t good, the challenge is getting everyone on the same page. Here’s a solution.

Mark S A Smith is an executive business strategist with deep experience in sales, marketing, and product management. He works with executives and their team to rapidly come to agreement and start executing.

Using unique, rapid executive decision making techniques that involve all stakeholders, tapping into the team’s personal motivation strategies, and using methods to safely disrupt old ways of thinking, Mark guides your team to get on track and want to stay on track to achieve your goals. And he guarantees it.

Each member of your executive team leaves the event with a “Monday-ready” action plan to deploy with their team to take the correct next steps. And you get on-going support with six months of executive coaching to troubleshoot, encourage, and hold executives accountable for their success.

Mark S A Smith facilitates a 1.5 to 3 day on-site executive strategy session (depends on your mission complexity) with a combination of process training and facilitated conversation about your get-to-market mission. The deliverables include:

  • Discussion of management tools and processes that can be used with your team to accomplish the desired outcome.
  • Discuss the functions of product, marketing, sales, customer support, operations, finance, and culture in support of the success of this mission.
  • Discussion of go-to-market processes, selecting the best for this mission based on advanced models.
  • Clear definition of what success looks like for this mission.
  • Identify key performance indicators for tracking success and indicating areas requiring attention.
  • Identify resources available to accomplish the mission.
  • Identify what needs to be accomplished and grounded rationale on doing so.
  • Identify additional resources to accomplish the mission.
  • Create a corporate messaging and communication plan for socializing and en-culturing the mission with key team members.
  • Create a list of prioritized activities and assign responsibility for execution.

Let’s have a conversation about your mission and how you can accelerate your team’s success.