Grabbing the DreamBija BusinessBuilder™

Specifically designed for entrepreneurs with a mission who want to build their business, this program begins with an extensive on-boarding process during which our team works with you to identify and develop your unique branding and value propositions. We develop messaging around your unique approach and philosophy. This messaging becomes the platform from which we build your program.

This program delivers on-line reputation management and social media publishing; the fastest way to grow your business. Social media delivers steady, on-going word-of-mouth referrals for your business, focusing on customer experiences and education. You also get a complete web presence with content creation, distribution, and management.

We work with you to create powerful customer and market education and keep everything up to date. Using powerful marketing automation tools and custom-tailored messaging, we connect with prospective customers and nurture them into your business.

Your initial program commitment is for 14 months. This allows time for development and infrastructure set up (approximately 60 days), and provides 12 months for your programs to run, ensuring maximum effectiveness and momentum building. After your first 14-month run, you may renew your program for additional 12-month terms.

Want more? Contact us and we’ll send you a detailed overview.