Watch these videos to learn more about practice marketing and how we can help you grow your business.

What is Marketing?

What Kind of Marketing Should You Consider?

How Much Should You Invest in Marketing?

Finding and Closing New Business: How to Turn Leads Into Sales

Create Better Relationships Between Marketing and Sales to Make More Profits

If you’re involved in marketing and sales, you have a challenging task because the rest of the company relies on you for success. It’s even more so if you experience conflict or disconnection between your marketing and sales department. Your company can’t operate efficiently and everybody and everything is at risk.

In this video, you’ll learn what steps to take to get your team working together to maximize the number of prospects and increase sales

You’ll learn:

  • The true function of marketing and sales, why many companies get them wrong, and how to get them right
  • Indicators that it’s time for an organization to rethink marketing and sales strategies and tactics
  • How to identify if the wrong people in the department and how to get them correctly aligned
  • Why marketing and sales are at each other’s throats and what you can do to bring peace to your team
  • Changes in technology and generational views that have changed the world forever and how to profit from them

What Customers Want: Creating, Illustrating, and Developing Meaningful Customer Value

If you’re struggling with sales, perhaps you need to reconsider how you present your value to customers. In this session, we’ll work on your value propositions and the process you use to discuss value with customers. You’ll learn:

  • How to understand and capitalize on your customer’s value scope
  • Creating new, unrealized value for competitive advantage
  • Calculating meaningful return on investment (ROI)
  • How to illustrate the compelling value of moving forward sooner rather than later
  • How to use a value scope checklist to make sure you miss nothing

Maximizing Trade Show Sales Success: More Leads, New Customers, Competitive Position

If you’re going to exhibit at trade show, you and your company will make a major commitment of money and time. You better get it right!  You’ll probably be there along with your competitors. If you blow it, your competitors will come out on top. Then again, if your competitors are like most trade show exhibitors, they’re doing many things wrong. After this event, you are going to capitalize on their mistakes.

You’ll learn:

  • 15 ways to make your trade show investment pay big. How many of these are you taking advantage of?
  • How to prepare for the show so that you capture more business, impress new prospects, and get more than your fair share of high quality leads
  • What you can do to feel great and energetic even after a long show
  • How to have your booth flooded with people who want to buy from you
  • The secrets to spending time with the right people and quickly moving along the tire-kickers
  • The one critical question to ask your trade show exhibit visitors that most have never thought of
  • What you must do immediately after the show ends or all of your hard work goes to waste

Sales Objections: How to Manage and Eliminate Them to Close More Deals

When you’re great at managing objections, you become a bulletproof sales person. The reality is that most sales professionals do it wrong otherwise they wouldn’t be having problems with objections. You’ll learn objection-busting formulas that you can use any time, any place, and anywhere. (And no, it’s not the tired old “Feel… Felt… Found.”)

In this enlightening and entertaining session, you’ll learn:

  • The source of objections
  • How to stop creating objections
  • How to separate true objections from other complaints
  • How to manage, overcome, and eliminate your most common objections

Bring your toughest objections and get ready to become bulletproof.

Build Your Strategic Plan for the Best Year Ever

In this special 90-minute end-of-year event, Mark S A Smith coaches you through constructing your strategic plan to make next year the best year ever. Designed for entrepreneurs and those who want to create their personal strategic plan, you actually leave the session with a written plan that you can communicate to your team to take your business exactly where you want to be next year.

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide how much to grow your business next year
  • Specific ways to decide what to do and when to do it for maximum impact
  • The secrets to growing and not burn yourself out
  • How to craft your personal plan to use as the blueprint to go where you want

Download the quick reference guide DOC file:
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Bust Loose Your Sales Pipeline: Getting Deals Going Now!

Got some deals stuck in the pipeline? Then read on to learn about how you can bust those deals loose in the next several weeks to put money in your pocket right away. Yet most sales professionals don’t know how to bust a deal loose without making their customers upset or giving away margin. It’s easier than you think and you can do it fast. Join us for a fast-paced, interactive webinar with Mark S.A. Smith. If you’ve experienced Mark before, you know that he delivers the goods with relevant, immediately usable tactics in a no-nonsense yet entertaining way. If you haven’t seen him before, get ready for a unique event.

In this fast-paced interactive webinar, you’ll learn how to nudge deals along in the pipeline and discover ways to keep the deals flowing. You’ll learn what questions to ask and what tools to use to clear out those stuck deals.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Deals Get Stuck: What we’ve learned from top executives about projects getting stuck and how to unstick them
  • How to Close Deals Fast: Discover how to have a follow up conversation that can get deals off the ground
  • How to Get Past the Budget Issue: Creative ways to move the deal along even if money is an issue
  • Your Personal Pipeline Bust Loose Plan: Bring your account list and deal forecast and create your own pipeline plan