Executive Strategic Skills Summit

Executive Strategic Skills SummitExecutive Strategy Skill Summit

Upgrade Your Executive Skills and Attitudes to Realize Your Vision and Radically Increase Profits

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Specifically created for profit-and-loss-responsible executives of companies or divisions from $5 million to $100 million in revenue, this 2.5 day event brings executive skills and insights to founders and staff who have been promoted to the executive suite. The exception: a P&L responsible exec may bring select team members they wish to groom for P&L responsibility.

In our research, consulting, and coaching work, we’ve learned that in small and mid-size businesses, most top execs have limited strategic skills. While they’ve been extraordinarily successful with their past work, they’ve never acquired the required strategic skills, and are secretly overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do. The micromanaging and firefighting gobbles up their time killing profitability and scalability, limiting the company’s potential and performance.

This event delivers a perfect blend of insights, tools, and workshopping so you get what you need to be a confident, enthusiastic, and effective executive leader.

Which of These Situations Describe You?

For every $1 million in annual revenue, you’re responsible for overseeing $480 per hour of productivity. How much of a gap is there between your executive potential and your performance?

Which of these behaviors do you recognize?

  • Working long hours and still the to-do list gets longer and longer
  • Can’t take time off without worrying about an operational catastrophe
  • Flat or declining revenues and can’t seem to get out of the slump
  • Don’t know where to lead the company next
  • Uncertain about leadership: regret losing your cool in front of the team
  • Easily distracted and you find yourself occupied by low-value tasks
  • Your email box is never empty
  • Can’t get your management team to agree on a strategic plan
  • Increasing competition and decreasing margins
  • Incomplete or inefficient marketing or sales plans
  • Can’t find enough good sales people
  • Sleepless nights wondering what to do next
  • Don’t know who to promote or trust with the business
  • Too frequently trading family time for dealing with work emergencies

If you recognize even a few of these patterns in yourself or your leadership team, read on…

How Other Executives Have Benefited

Phil Turner, ex-IBM executive and CTO of Data trend talks about his experience.


What to Expect

At this event, you’ll join other company heads to discover and install executive attitudes, abilities, tools, strategies, and tactics to better run your operation. Which of these topics discussed and workshopped would you find most valuable?

  1. The executive skill stack — what it is, how it’s radically different from a managerial skill stack, and how to intentionally develop it
  2. What executives think about and talk about only with other executives and never share with their team
  3. A deep dive into strategic design of the seven pillars of every successful business: Product, Marketing, Sales, Service, Infrastructure, Finance, and Culture
  4. A special session on sales and marketing strategies and tactics: why most go-to-market campaigns fail and how to fix them
  5. The prime directive for the effective executive – miss this and your company ends up struggling or failing
  6. The three things you must contemplate every day to keep your business on track and moving forward
  7. Executive time and demand management strategies to get everything done without burning out
  8. Self-management for executives: how to keep yourself naturally motivated, on task, healthy, and happy
  9. How to select, monitor, and improve key performance indicators to optimize your operation, preserve your energy, and maximize your cognitive capacity
  10. Firefighting tactics: how to stop the daily firefighting and turn crises into business advantage
  11. Executive fundraising strategies and tactics – how to raise money for your business
  12. How to communicate with every member of your team for maximum effectiveness
  13. Troubleshooting strategies and tools to instantly get to the heart of the issue and how to choose the best resolution plan
  14. How to know exactly how much to grow your company to hit or exceed your targets every time
  15. Working with your board of directors or business council for maximum effectiveness
  16. Why sales efficiency is the executive’s key focus, how to design, manage, and drive a highly profitable sales organization
  17. Executive tools and applications that keep your focus on what’s most important
  18. Special session: Hiring, managing, motivating and promoting Millennials – now 30% of the workforce
  19. Designing your decision checklist so that you can make the best choices fast
  20. Managing the business lifecycle – how to optimize your business whether you are launching, growing, optimizing, or preparing to sell it

Even if you’ve identified just a few of these topics that increase your executive effectiveness, imagine what it will be like when you possess these skills, bring them to your team, and use them effectively for the rest of your career.

Meet Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith leads the Executive Strategy Skills Summit. A 36-year veteran of the business world, running his own company for 26 years, he works with companies large and small to achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Mark designs and implements leadership, sales, marketing, customer acquisition and client conversion systems that find and recruit willing buyers for products and services ranging from common every-day to high-end unique and disruptive.

He is often invited to speak at entrepreneurial and corporate events because Mark delivers unique, valuable, and pragmatic ideas to grow and succeed. With a deep understanding of international business, he worked in Europe for three years and has delivered events in 54 countries.

Mark is the author of 13 popular books and sales guides and has authored more than 400 magazine articles. He is a genuine Guerrilla Marketing guru, co-authoring three books with Jay Conrad Levinson, and is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. A renaissance man with many talents, Mark is passionate about leadership, team building, teamwork, sales, and marketing.

For over twenty years Mark has served as a strategic advisor to corporate leaders and executives all over the world who must develop the best way to bring in the right strategies for successful growth and sustainability.

Working with organizations of all sizes, clients include BEA, Arrow, CDW, ConnectWise, Commvault, Dell, ePlus, HP, Hitachi Data Systems, Microsoft, IBM, Ingram Micro, Agilysis, Tech Data, Oracle, Raytheon, AT&T, NetApp, Synnex, Lexmark, Society of Government Meeting Planners, National Speakers Association, and Meeting Professionals International.

With his engineering, sales, and business background, he delivers systems, processes, and ideas in a way that customers, salespeople, and management understand so that they can clearly communicate with their customers.

A musician, avid reader, walking enthusiast, and father of five, he and his wife, Molly live in Las Vegas enjoying the finer things the city has to offer.


  • January 19 – 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Senior Executive Circle event Thursday morning, by invitation only
  • Thursday, January 19 — 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Friday, January 20 — 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Saturday, January 21 — 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Your Guarantee

You must be completely satisfied with the quality of the instruction, the professional delivery, and relevance to your business or your money back.

Your Investment

$4,900 per person for summit tuition

If you’re running a $10 million company, you’re investing just over one hour of business revenue to substantially improve your ability to direct the company

Registration closes January 13, 2017

Early Bird Special

Two persons attend for $4,900
Or $2,900 per person for summit tuition

Register and pay by Dec 24, 2016

Registration fees and travel expenses may be tax deductible, consult your CPA


  • The event will be held at a quality Las Vegas hotel and casino close to the airport – location to be announced
  • Meals are on your own
  • A comprehensive binder of information, resources, and course notes provided
  • You’re welcome to take notes with a laptop or tablet
  • To remain focused, WiFi will not be available in the meeting space and mobile phones will be switched off until break time
  • The lectures – but not workshops – will be recorded and made available to participants for an additional fee
  • You agree to be recorded if you participate in the lecture
  • You’ll agree to confidentiality of business ideas discussed so that ideas may be freely shared
  • If you need to cancel, you can elect to transfer your seat to another qualifying executive or will be given credit towards a future event or consulting services
  • Cancellations within 72 hours of the event will not be credited

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Group size will be strictly limited to 30 executive participants

Contact Mark.Smith@BijaCo.com with questions.
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