Five Steps to Drive Results

What do you want most as an executive?


If you’re not demanding results, you’re running a hobby, not a business.


Here are the five steps to drive significant, substantial, meaningful results.


You must set a clear, measurable objective for yourself and a subset of that objective for your team. 

Your objective must be big, bold, and meaningful to you. 

It must excite you and scare your team, if you even let them in on the big picture.

Carefully choose with whom you share your vision: 

Those with a limited world view (most of your team) will tell you it can’t be done.

Those who have created significant outcomes will encourage you.

Your team’s objective must be achievable and short term. 

They must feel that it’s within reach and that they can do it.


Make yourself accountable to achieving your vision with a deadline to get there.

Hold your team members accountable for the parts of the objective they can achieve, with a deadline to achieve them.

This is what stops most results – especially sales: 

No deadline, no results. 

No accountability, no outcome.

If one misses the deadline, it’s time for an honest conversation about why that happened.

Solve for mindset: don’t know how, can’t do it, don’t care about it.

With this insight, you’ll know what to do.


You’ve got motivation alignment because it’s your vision.

You should pop out of bed in the morning looking forward to taking the next step toward your objective.

Make sure your team members have motivational alignment with your objective.

They must have the skills to achieve the task and want to achieve the task.

Keep in mind that their motivation will necessarily be different from your motivation.

And that’s a good thing, otherwise they’d be off launching their own business.


With thoughtful objectives, you’ll have a clear roadmap on how to get there.

Establish the checkpoints and milestones.

Use the checkpoints to make sure all is on track.


There will be detours, it’s inevitable because you’re doing something new, in an ever-changing world.

Checkpoints let you manage risk and adjust tactics along the way.

Use milestones to celebrate progress, keeping the motivation going.


Clear the calendar and agenda of everything that doesn’t take you closer to your objective.

Turn loose the team until it’s checkpoint time.

Expect results.

Need assistance doing this? Need accountability?

Coaching clients work with me is because I bring a more resourceful view to their challenges and frustrations. 

Here’s one outcome:

Working with Mark over the past year has accelerated my business acumen. 

Although I have an MBA, they don’t teach you how to deal with the real-life issues that a business owner faces every day. 

He helped me navigate a particularly painful and embarrassing business problem with empathy and solid advice, I couldn’t have done it without his wise and gentle insights.

He earns his fee on every call that we have, helping me move to higher levels of personal and professional success. 

Hire him, while you can. 

Brody King, CEO, Restore Cryotherapy Franchisee (two locations now open in the Salt Lake City area)

Clients find that the mindset and toolset insights that I’ve collected over the decades provides a shortcut to effective decisions and solutions, resulting in accelerated outcomes. 

They like that I make them accountable, give them homework with deadlines, and assist when they get stuck. 

I don’t make you wrong, I make you strong.

It’s a six-month program that works towards your goals using the steps discussed above.

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