Do NOT Share Your Strategic Plans!

DO NOT SHARE your strategic plans with your team!

What do I mean by this?

You might be surprised to discover that this advice runs counter to many “guru’s” council about setting goals.

Here’s the problem

As executive of your organization, you have the longest-term vision for the business.

You know where you want to go and you’re on track to figure out how to get there.

You have confidence in the future, even when you don’t know all the details about how to get there.

Your team does not share the same vision nor the same optimism.

They can’t.

And if they did, they’d be working on launching their own company.

Why can’t they?

Because the future is too complex.

Heck, most of your team has challenges handling their day-to-day existence, never mind your grand scheme for the future of the company.

They don’t have the drive.

They don’t have the vision.

They don’t have the context.

They don’t have the experience.

They don’t have the commitment.

They don’t have the fearless nature that you have.

Your big plans scare them, so they’ll unconsciously – or intentionally – sabotage them.

So what should you do?

Share the parts of your plan with each team member at the level that they can understand and support.

Your team needs to know you have a plan and about the immediate, quick wins that they can understand and appreciate.

They need to know how your plan impacts their procedures and job, their income and lifestyle, their identity and status.

This means much of your plan will be a secret, to be revealed at the right time.

You can share your plan with your top trusted advisors, your executive team, your executive coach (I coach executives – let’s talk). They understand the context and will provide the right level of encouragement.

The judicious sharing of your plans means that you’ll be successful and your team will feel confident in the future.

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