Be Disruptive to Win New Business – Podcast

Be Disruptive to Win New Business – Podcast

How can you intentionally and effectively be disruptive in your market to grab more customers and standout from your competitors? I tell you how and give specific examples in a 21-minute information-packed Bacon Podcast with award-winning Brian Basilico. Check him out on LinkedIn.

I was told as a kid in school that I was disruptive. I thought knew all the answers — and I usually did. Turns out teachers didn’t like that.

As an adult, being told I’m disruptive is a badge of honor, an attribution that I gladly accept as an accolade. And, now I don’t know all the answers, but I do know how to ask better questions to get to the best answers. Turns out my clients like that.

Listen to this podcast to get into my brain for a few minutes. Don’t be scared. It’s all warm and squishy in there.

Grab it at iTunes here. It’s episode 195.

Or go to the Bacon Podcast site for other listening options.

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