Schedule a Meeting Room as Easily as a Con Call

Schedule a Meeting Room as Easily as a Con Call

If you’ve ever wasted valuable meeting time looking for a room, take a look at the Joan Assistant meeting room management solution.

A friend just brought this to market and I think it’s worth you knowing about. I don’t have a financial interest in this product.

Here’s How it Works

From your Google Apps, Office 365,  or Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013 account, you can find and reserve a meeting room in your facility and Joan Assistant automatically updates the purpose-built digital sign outside the meeting room and blocks the meeting room for that time.

Easily Manages Meeting Rooms

Joan Assistant makes scheduling a meeting room as easy as scheduling a conference call. No more hassle and frustration with meeting room management.

  • No more roaming around looking for an open meeting room
  • No more checking with an administrative assistant to see what room is open
  • No more wondering if you’re at the right room for your meeting

Quick Installation and Looks Great

Built with eInk, like that in your favorite eReader, the great-looking Joan Assistant display (4.1 x 6.1 inches) quickly and securely attaches to the wall, and connects via your WiFi to the secure Joan Assistant portal.

Battery life lasts 90 days in most locations, Joan let’s you know when it’s time to recharge, which only takes a few hours. There’s no need to run power to the display. Just stick, connect, and go.

Cost Effective and Fast Payback

Assistant Joan costs $349 per unit. That’s less than a dollar a day per meeting room. If your administrative assistant spends even 15 minutes a day managing room bookings and updating room signage, Joan frees up your valuable resource and eliminates frustration.

With the average executive’s time worth $200 per hour, saving even a few minutes a day in meeting room management pays for Joan Assistant many times over.

JoanAssistant is substantially less expensive to buy and operate compared with other digital signage and tablet based solutions. And you don’t have to run power or wiring.

Get One and Try it Out

You can try out Joan Assistant for 30 days with a no-questions-asked return policy. Most companies buy one to get a feel and then purchase one for each meeting room the very next month.

Learn more about Joan Assistant at

Joan Assistant is looking for resale partners. Get details here.

And let me know about your experience.

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